Zhu Zhu Pets

Ever wondered what you can get your child for his or her birthday but find every toy very common? Or is your child been bugging you around to get a pet but you are afraid that pet hairs will be bad for his or her health? Now you have new gift options for your kid called Zhu Zhu pets. (Pronounced Zoo Zoo Pets BTW. )#)

You may be wondering what Zhu Zhu pets are. I asked that same question before. Zhu Zhu pets are plush toys that resemble real life hamsters. The good thing about these toys is that they are very interactive plush toys that your child would really start playing immediately.
I can still remember the time when my son received his very first Zhu Zhu pet. My child started to play with it once he got it. He tried to pet and hug the Zhu Zhu pet and he was so delighted when the toy reacted on it. It seems that the toy was set to its nurture mode.
And not only that, it turned to its explore mode. It started running all over the place. My son then told me that we should get its own house and some play items. My kid didn’t stop until I gave in and bought it a play pen where it ran around inside like what regular hamsters do.
These plush toys is an advantage to me with regards to maintenance. Maintenance in the sense that you have to clean their cages every now and then. Plus the fact that you have to buy food to feed them. There is one disadvantage though, that is my son is always asking for a new set of battery because he cannot stop playing with the plush toys.
The main reason why these toys are very much interactive is that they are made with artificial intelligence. With this, they are able to react on their habitat and even react on the way on you play with them.
These pets have different personalities for you to choose from. Aside from playing with them, they also have an option to dress them up that will fit the occasion. For example, they can set it up for the Halloween or Christmas. At the same time, your child can also bring the Zhu Zhu pets trick-or-treating with their costumes. Your kid will definitely catch the attention of his or her classmates with these cute toys in costumes.

Zhu Zhu pets are now available in a number of stores either online or at malls. At the same time, you will save money in buying these toys compared to getting a live hamster since you need not buy food or even bring it to a veterinarian for a monthly check up. These toys will definitely be loved by every kid even the adults like us.

Zhu Zhu Pets Are Safe

Zhu Zhu Pets – one of the holiday season’s hottest toy crazes – do not violate safety standards, federal toy regulators said Monday after a consumer group raised concerns over the presence of a heavy metal on one model.The toy “is not out of compliance” with a U. S. toy safety law that went into effect this year, a spokesman for the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission told The Associated Press.

The California-based consumer group GoodGuide raised concerns last week over the presence of a potentially harmful heavy metal in a “Mr. Squiggles” model of the robotic hamsters. GoodGuide said its testing found antimony – a heavy metal that can cause vomiting if eaten, and heart and lung problems if breathed – on the furry toy’s hair and nose in levels that exceeded new federal limits.
However, those claims proved to be false when GoodGuide admitted how it got its test results – using a special gun that shoots X-rays into a toy and gives a reading for how much lead, antimony or other substances are in the material. This type of testing is inaccurate and is not recognized by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Testing in the manner used by GoodGuide cannot deem if a toy is hazardous.
In standard toy testing, the CPSC sees how much of a heavy metal would actually seep out of a toy if was sucked or swallowed by a child. A measurement that is far more valid when judging is a toy is safe or not.
Goodguide issued the following written statement. “While we accurately reported the chemical levels in the toys that we measured using our testing method, we should not have compared our results to federal standards. We regret this error. ”
The CPSC concluded the toy, which retails for about $10 – $12 dollars, does not pose a threat based on independent testing presented by the toy’s manufacturer, St. Louis-based Cepia LLC.
The CPSC stated unequivocally, “CPSC confirmed today that the popular Zhu Zhu toy is not out of compliance with the antimony or other heavy metal limits of the new U. S. mandatory toy standard. ”
The toy’s maker has vehemently defended the safety of Zhu Zhu Pets’ for all ages of children.
So far the negative publicity has not hurt sales of the toy. On Saturday and Sunday, of last week, Cepia and retailers had their biggest weekend of sales to date. Cepia management reported that hundreds of thousands of the Zhu Zhu toy were sold over the weekend.

Cepia issued a statement that said, “Now that Mr. Squiggles has been exonerated, we just want to assure customers that our products are safe. ”
The bottom line: Zhu Zhu Pets are safe for kids and parents can feel comfortable buying one.
Learn more about why kids are in love with Zhu Zhu Pets,and how to get one this holiday season.

Zhu Zhu Pet toys Toy characters – Finding the Best Hamster

Cepia LLC, this company which produces the Zhu Zhu Pets is doing the best to develop a toy which aren’t very costly and yet technologically challenging. Their particular fantastic toys are: Hydro-Max, Glo-bear and even Sky-Raptors. These kinds of toys, particularly the Zhu Zhu Toy pets have skyrocketed this company inside the children’s toys market.
If you would like obtain a Zhu Zhu Pet to your little one you may pick the best toy dependant upon the color plus the temperament of your little one. This is primarily because the Zhu Zhu Pets have their very own individuality and also individual characteristics. Hence decide on the most effective Zhu Zhu Pet for the children sensibly and always think of the child’s identity.

Mr Squiggles is without a doubt the best hamster and it also was in that role for a long period. It’s really a light-brown hamster and can be quite quick and furious. Due to its color it can be almost just like a real hamster which is intriguing it can easily create more than 40 various sound effects according to the circumstances he is in.
A slightly less well-known toy pet is without a doubt Pipsqueak. Little girls specially adore it for its yellowish color. Pipsqueaks, may be placed into two settings: the particular explore style in which it is very fast, and affection style making your kids to take special care of it.
The fussiest of all these types of hamsters is without a doubt Num Nums. Just like the 2 hamsters mentioned before it enjoys exploring around and fussing over almost everything, plus it can make lots of distinct sounds and noises young children adore to watch and listen closely.
Chunk, white-colored as snow, is one more hamster very popular in little girls. On the other hand, the identity is greatly favored both in girls and boys. It is really a surfer dude. You are able to truly watch his personality whenever he does just what he does perfect – when he’s surfing. Observing your pet climbing on his surfboard and exhibiting his awesome techniques is a thing almost all youngsters really like. And the trendy sound effects he produces are equally amazing.

Among the Zhu Zhu Pets that is only accessible in a bundled package is Patches. For example, should you buy the Funhouse or perhaps Hamster House Starter Set additionally you can obtain Patches. A dark-yellow shade and a large white colored patch on the back cause it to be really attractive. This specific hamster likes flowers and it hunts for them when it’s in explore mode.

Your Pet Will Likely Be Thanking You For These Amazing Puppy Instruction Ideas

Education your canine is essential on an obedient relationship involving both you and your canine pal. Dog instruction has its ups and downs as well as the a lot more armed you will be with knowledge, the significantly less fazed you will end up inside your endeavor. Arm on your own using the suggestions from the pursuing write-up to assist you to in instruction your dog.

To aid teach your pet, you need to assert yourself as the dominant 1 with your relationship by refusing to offer the dog undeserved focus or food. Once you influence your puppy you operate the display and, furthermore, enable the dog understand you should use that power to give it something it needs, your puppy will obey your directions more effectively.
1 great way of getting your pet to grasp that is certainly time for education would be to educate him that particular cues are connected with instruction. In most coaching courses, the cue should be getting on your own dog’s collar and leash. Your pet will quickly learn that when the collar gets put on it is actually time and energy to get major and perform time is finished.
When it comes to a behavioral issue, think about how you may be contributing to it. For instance, some puppies react to forms of individuals structured on one unfavorable encounter. This reputation of effect could make homeowners react guarded close to triggers, which reinforces the dog’s anxiousness. Examine your entire body words with the doorway when you are looking to change a reaction.
If you can not buy your pet to listen to your instructions by simply your sole reputation, then you should use a leash. By using a leash, you may take control of your dog’s habits in a greater way. Once you have acquired your dog to brain you having a leash, then you can certainly make an effort to give your canine a command with no leash.
When education your canine, take a moment to take into account the way your dog recognizes the entire world. Understanding how to view the planet from the dog’s perspective can help you comprehend your canine much better so that you can prepare more effectively. Obtaining within your dog’s scalp may seem like hocus pocus, but it really genuinely allows you to prepare more effectively.
Family pet Sitter
A good canine education idea would be to employ a dog sitter to observe your dogs when you’re taking place vacation, as an alternative to causing them in a kennel. Kennels really are an awful place to give your canine when you’re out. In kennels, creatures are usually ignored and it’s not unusual to enable them to become ill.

As you can tell in the post, it really is easy to train your pet as being a good associate of the household. It just will take endurance, diligence and repetition. Your furry very little friend is definitely the smartest on the prevent in no time at all and everyone is going to be wondering you how you will did it. Then you can immediate these people to these guidelines.

Your Pet Parrot’s Diet Should Have Variety
Owning a parrot as a pet requires setting up a very good, healthy parrot diet so that the parrot does not become sick and die in just a few years. Parrots have long life spans. especially the larger species, and if you feed your parrot properly, you should enjoy many years of friendship.

Size of your parrot.
Getting the diet sorted out is not difficult to do. It is just a matter of listing a diet that is suitable to the parrot. Parrots of similar size eat similar diets, so the main consideration you need to make initially is the actual size of the parrot you have or that you intend to purchase.
For example, you most certainly would not expect an African Gray Parrot to eat the same diet as a budgerigar. Their size difference is huge and this will obviously affect the size of the food they eat. Larger birds can eat larger and harder foods like macadamia nuts because their beak is bigger, hard and much stronger.
Parrot diet variety.
A parrot loves to have variety in their diet. In his natural tropical environment, a parrot eats tropical fruits, flowers, leaves, fruit and nuts, so you can see how a range of foods is essential for his good health. Variety is essential not only for the health of the parrot but because if the parrot gets bored there is a good chance he will stop eating (just like we do if we are served the same food day in, day out), but also because it gives the bird a range of vitamins.
Vitamins in the parrot diet.
Once certain way to make sure that your parrot is getting a range of vitamins, is to feed it pellets. Nearly everyone who is involved in keeping parrots agrees that pellets are essential to the good health of a pet parrot, but where there is some discrepancy is the amount that it should be fed. Some say that pellets should be up to 90% of a parrot’s diet, but others say that it should only be 30%-40% of the diet. This is something you will have to work out yourself and obviously as long as you are giving it the lower amount and it is eating a lot of other food then at least it is not starving. It will be a matter of adjusting the percentage of pellets according to other food that you will be feeding it.
Other foods to feed the parrot.
If you can find organic food to feed the parrot then he will be better for it! Your parrot will be so much healthier for being able to eat organic food. There is a wide range of food that the parrot will like, such as: mango, pineapple, kiwi fruit, melons, green peas and beans, cauliflower, corn, sweet potato and sweet peppers.
Having water available for your pet parrot.

Parrots need to have water available but it is not a good idea to have a bowl of water because once it is a few hours old it will start growing bacteria as food and droppings land in it. A water bottle is a much healthier way to give your parrot its water requirements.Once you have decided what to feed your pet parrot, make a list so that you can try all the items out in your parrot’s diet. You may find that some are not so popular, but keep trying them now and then anyway.

You Can Find Pet Friendly Hotels That Let You Bring Your Dog

For many of us, going on holiday without our pets is not just an inconvenience as we need to sort out somewhere for them to stay, it is more like leaving a member of the family behind. Going on holiday is one period of the year when you can spend more time with your dog, yet most people end up having to leave their four legged family member behind because they are not allowed pets where they are going. This is especially tough when you are going on a walking or biking holiday, the type of trip that your dog would absolutely love! If you want to go on holiday and you want the whole family there then you need to look for pet friendly hotels, they do exist!

If you are tired of not being able to find a dog friendly camping area, or pet-friendly holiday place then you need to find places you can stay with your dog. The best way to do this is to find a directory that brings all the different dog friendly accommodation options together in one place, so that you don’t have to search all over the net.. Forget being disappointed or trying to find other arrangements for your animals, and bring them along! Find an up-to-date holiday guide on animal friendly holidaying places all around Australia.
There are some great books that list every single pet friendly place across this amazing country of ours, from beaches where you are allowed your dog to hotels and camp sites that are dog friendly, with this book you can plan holidays that include all of the members of your family.
Look for a book that is written by a dedicated pet owner who has left no stone unturned with their pet-friendly accommodation guide listing everything from cat cabins to cockatiel-friendly caravan parks, from hotels that love dogs to dog friendly camping.

You want a book that provides pet owners with vital, easy-to-use information all in a single space – no more frantically checking multiple sources! There is a quick and reliable way to find quality information that suits both you and your pet. Get a good book that is up to date and packed with useful information and you can holiday with your pet all the time.Take dog friendly holidays all the time with a great book that tells you where you can go. Never go away without your dog.

Would Bugs carry rabbit pet insurance?

When we think about pet insurance, most of the time we think about a holistic policy for all of our animals, including our fuzzy little rabbits. Rabbits are small, simple creatures that melt the hearts of young men and women alike, and whose lifespans are relatively small when compared to our own. They don’t cost a lot themselves, and even the accessories required to keep a bunny in a household are much cheaper than those of larger animals like dogs and cats. But when it comes to medicine and veterinary service, rabbits rack up charges just as quickly as bigger animals, which many times rival our own costs for medical service. Insurance alleviates the cost of medical bills, and for pets it lessens the cost of veterinary services and medications.

Although these pet insurance policies have existed for over twenty years, few people understand what they actually cover. For example, if your bunny becomes impacted with feces, which is a common occurrence for these animals, the rabbit pet insurance policy will cover the disempacting, the accompanying pain medications, boarding, and any labor or services conducted by the veterinary doctor or their staff. Most ailments and diseases are covered by these policies and remove the costly worry associated with a sickly animal. However, diagnostics, preliminary blood tests, and preventative vaccines and other shots are typically not covered by the pet insurance policy’s standard of requirement. That is, the services that are performed for general health and not in response to a developing condition or emergency situation are not covered by the insurance. So, if you want to take your rabbit in for blood tests and ensure they aren’t carrying any harmful bacteria or viruses, the cost will most likely come out of your pocket.

The average rabbit pet insurance cost for their lifetime is roughly $800-$1000, and that compares with the typical average of $5000 for a larger dog’s lifetime of veterinary service. Month to month you will be looking at spending around $15-$30 for your bunny depending on what kind, how large, and how many you have. It is not common for rabbits to be prone to illness and disease, but the uninsured fees for conditions like kidney failure or urinary tract infection can run well up over the lifetime average of $1000. As with any rabbit pet insurance policy or pet store warranty, a tough decision must be made about how you are going to provide continued medical care to your animal.

Worm Farming and Pet Frogs for Kids

Nature Gifts Company is the biggest online store for pets and nature items. They have a huge collection of nature items and provide them on best possible prices. They have been in this industry for many years and have complete knowledge about. They have a wide network of loyal customers who always find something new in the store. The customer support service is very prompt and excellent. You can safely and easily buy nature items from the store with the help of the secure server. You will a large collection of items for your kid’s product, items for gardens and homes, gifts for nature lovers and educational toys for children.

Worm farming for kids is very enjoyable as the worms are seen going around in different directions to complete their work. It is a good opportunity for the children and adults to see how worms function and their importance in the ecosystem. When a worm burrows and feeds particle from the soil it makes the soil fertile for the plants to grow strong and healthy. Worm farming is a good experience for the kids, they can see for themselves how the worms worm, what all the do, and how they make the soil fertile.
It is not easy to see worms in the day to day life, as they remain hidden in the underground but this way their activities will be visible to everyone. Worm farms let the kids observe the wiggly life of the worms and they work. They are humble creature who are hidden below the ground and contribute a lot to make the soil fertile.

Pet frogs are available from sale on the site; Nature gifts store offers different kinds of frogs to the frog owners. A frog as a pet can teach the children the fun and responsibilities of having a pet. It will also help the kids to learn more about the frog and other kinds of from. The kids will also learn the kind of food they eat and the habitat. This enables the children to feed them of food best suited for them and create an appropriate habitat. There are kits available in the store and strong pet frogs that are great to watch while they are kept in offices, homes, classrooms and science rooms. Nature Gifts Store offers the buyers and pet owners to know about different kinds of frogs and the kit they are providing along with the frog. The frog kit is very useful and helpful for the owners who are new to raising pet frogs. The kit has everything and every piece of information required to raise a frog.

Winter Hazards For Small Pets

Many of us enjoy owning small outdoor pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs but do we really know how best to look after them during the winter months? With the recent severe cold snap and sustained freezing temperatures, our furry friends need some extra special care and attention from us to ensure that they stay happy and healthy throughout winter.
Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets are prone to temperature change because of their size and hyperthermia can be a problem in freezing conditions.

Here are six tips to help keep your furry friends warm and safe this winter.
· Place extra amounts of straw in the bedding area in their hutch or cage to keep them warm. Straw bedding is preferable as they don’t tend to eat it as much as hay bedding!

· Place an old blanket or piece of carpet over the hutch as this helps to keep the hutch warm but make sure that it doesn’t stop the air getting in.

· Check water bottles daily as they will freeze if the temperature is low enough. Consider getting a thermal cover for the water bottle which will help to prevent water icing up.

· When the weather turns icy cold, take your furry friend indoors or move their hutch or cage into a shed or car free garage where it will be warmer than the outdoors. Alternatively, you can use a snuggle safe bed warmer in the bedding area to raise the temperature for your pet.

· If you choose to bring your small pet indoors, keep hutches away from radiators, loud noise and smoky atmospheres.

· Keep your small animals well fed but remember never to give rabbits lettuce as this upsets their digestive system. A well balanced, quality dry food is ideal and will provide all the dietary nutrients that your pet needs.

When Hypothermia Sets In!
Check your small animals regularly for any signs of hypothermia. If you believe that your rabbit or guinea pig is hypothermic, you need to raise the temperature of the hutch by placing a snuggle safe bed warmer close to the animal. The warmer should be wrapped in a towel to avoid getting the animal getting too warm, too quickly. Alternative, you can use a hair dryer on low heat to raise the animal’s temperature gradually.

If the animal fails to respond you should immediately call your vet for advice and further treatment.
What about Pond Fish?
Always check on your pond fish in the bad weather. Place a ball in the pond to help prevent it from freezing as this will limit the amount of oxygen in the water. Remove any dead leaves and debris from the pond and keep the filter on.

Why Your Kid Should Have a Pet

At one point in their childhood, your kids will blurt out the words €Can I have a pet, Mom? € If you don’t have one already, it may be easy to dismiss the idea and be discouraged by the thought of having more responsibility to look after. You immediately picture out the extra mess you have to clean up after, more mouths to prepare meals for, and additional play time you have to adapt to.

But before you completely throw the idea out the window, take some time to consider these benefits of adding a furry member to your family.
Shows them the value of living beings
Having a pet in the home reminds the family and teaches kids that pets, just like people, have feelings and specific needs. A lot of people or families go out and get pets, sometimes it’s only a momentary whim and in the long run they end up not providing or even not caring for their pets at all. It’s important to teach your kids that having a pet isn’t something to be taken lightly and that they must be involved in the welfare of the animal. Kids must learn to treat with respect any living and breathing thing, especially one that’s a new member of the family.
Teaches them responsibility
Probably one of the best reasons to get a pet is that aside from the fact that they learn to care for another living thing, they learn a very important aspect of life, to be responsible and accountable for something. It’s important to explain to them, especially if they asked for the pet, that animals rely on humans for their basic needs, therefore it’s up to us to provide and care for them. At the beginning it’s a great idea to assign them tasks for the pet like preparing food or replacing their water. Along the way they’ll develop their own instincts and provide whatever the pet needs on their own.
Encourages commitment
Another important lesson your kids will learn is to commit to a task, in this case, caring for a pet. Sometimes kids begin something but have trouble following through. Having a pet can change all that especially if you guide them and remind them that pets needs regular provision of their basic necessities and must be given constant attention. Moreover, as important as it is to develop responsibility is to commit to that responsibility.

Boosts their self-esteem
By having responsibility or a role to accomplish in the family, the child feels a sense of purpose. When the family or the pet is reliant on them they feel needed and valued. Just like how adults feel great after a raise or a closed deal, kids get a huge confidence boost and generally feel great about themselves for accomplishing certain tasks like taking the dog for a walk or brushing the pet cat. Accomplishment, particularly one that is well done can increase their self-esteem.